Spend RM0.00 in Digital Marketing and AI Marketing 1 Day Workshop

Now Ipoh We Are Here !!


“Spend RM0.00 in Your Digital Marketing and Start Using AI Artificial Intelligence Marketing” 1 day Workshop


– 27th November 2018


1 Full Day only RM190 per pax


Who Should Attend?

You will learn how to spend NOTHING in your Digital Marketing, get a free reach to your audience in Facebook, get calls and emails from Google Search Engine without spending a cent in Google Adwords. Understand what is ReTargeting and Remarketing in today Digital Marketing Eco System.


You know right!!? Human going to replaced by AIArtificial Intelligence and Robot in very coming future! So hereby, let’s learn how to get well prepared for this AI moment. Learning how to pack and ready your Big Data for very near future usage. In this workshop we will focus the Big Data in Business, Management and most important your Marketing! Anyone are welcome for joining us for AI and Big Data Awareness.

Spend RM0.00 in Your Digital Marketing and Start Using AI Artificial Intelligence Marketing Workshop Content


Module 1 – What is Eco System in Digital Marketing?
100% understand how today Digital Marketing works, where you should position yourself.



Module 2 – Understand Nang Marketing Theory “System Barter in Digital Marketing”
How to use what you have now, and exchange your current content into free Marketing.



Module 3 – Spend nothing reach to audience in Facebook
How to get free marketing from Social Media Platform, reach your audience without paying Facebook
Re Target and Re Marketing people who show interested in your Business



Module 4 – Say Thank You to Google for provide you a Free Marketing
Building your own business platform and stop depending others marketing platform



Module 5 – Processing Big Data
Converting your current marketing data and reports into Big Data
Sign up now to get a Free AI Platform for your future


Ipoh – 1 day “Spend RM0.00 in Your Digital Marketing and Start Using AI Artificial Intelligence Marketing” Workshop

Venue: Hub Inovasi & Multimedia, KPerak

Date: 27th November 2018

Address: 11, Jln Meru Bestari A14, Bandar Meru Raya, 30020 Ipoh, Negeri Perak. Malaysia

Contact: Nang – +6010 220 6800


Confirm Registration Without Deposit, pay on training present day

By Cash or Transfer

Hong Leong Bank

187 000 12527

Double Effect House

RM 190 per pax

Ipoh Big Data Workshop 2018 Registration Form

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