What’s AI Artificial Intelligence Can Do For Digital Marketing

What’s AI Artificial Intelligence Can Do For Digital Marketing

AI Marketing in Digital Marketing


The surge of unprecedented consumer data enables companies to meet specific concerns in real time. In addition to customizing the user’s Web page, the company not only customizes products and products to consumers using tools such as Agent Arin, but also customizes search results so that the first result is user-friendly can also do. Some retailers such as Amazon use AI to create customer data and product catalog models, greatly improve product organization and promote to individual online customers. These solutions not only provide users with a comfortable shopping experience but also increase revenue by 6 to 10%.


AI Email Marketing Automation

In the online retail industry, customers who decide to drop their shopping carts and delay their resale purchases can as long as they have already recorded emails to display newsletters and demos before. This is done through e-mail development activities to revive interest in future products or services. The challenge in this approach is that it is a broad brush approach and many messages are lost in the target inbox noise. Without more sophisticated tools, the performance of these types of activities is declining as consumers are shocked by this information.

With email automation managed by AI, marketers can process each client as a separate message and meet their own needs. Instead of sending group emails, marketers need to identify new segments, analyze message performance and creativity, and dynamically optimize and optimize based on specific goals, such as Agent Arin and other AI tools, and you can collaborate emails campaign.

In the Golden Age, the only way for brands to collect customer information is through the store or through the email / debit program. If you are not actively acting with concern, it is difficult to collect your name or phone number.

If the brand does not have this kind of information, it is difficult to identify and deal with a specific audience through a message. Instead, you should rely on advertising purchases that many viewers can cover, even if a small percentage of visits are the goal. I remember this sentence: “Half of my ad does not work, I do not know which half?


Social Media in AI Marketing

Because it’s nearly impossible for humans to A/B test multiple levels of incentives in a campaign with tens of thousands of customers.

When we try, we find ourselves using incentives to react to emails that were unopened and offers that went unused. But that doesn’t take into account the segment of people who would take action on the email or offer if they had received another type of communication. Instead, we too often send out blanket incentives (which cheapen the value of our products and ultimately cost revenue).

There are a number of tools that allow marketers to track specific phrases, words or brands and use the data to exploit opportunities to plan the content of specific viewers. This will help you understand the consumer’s story along the scale where the marketer is interested. The natural extension of this technology is a competitive analysis tool like Agent Arin that allows marketers to understand competing social media. Content and contents of the event, and combine the best technology and unique strategy.

Consumers want a consistent and unified interaction through channels (email, SMS, notifications within the application, etc.) and channels between contact points.

Since the strategy mentioned above is not an independent function in the e-commerce strategy, but rather as a unit, it is a coherent and oil-filled device, and knows that the so-called AI Channel customer experience will be close.


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