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1st Page Ranking SEO Training Course Workshop

seo training course workshop

3 Days Master from Basic to Advanced SEO Training Course

Of course there are things we can do to improve the order of SEO in google ranking, improve it to the response box (zero rank), and create a in and outbound link to the site, but “what Google thinks” If the design needs success, the user experience is not good, while other users offer better value to search users. What people think is wrong is that Google algorithm updates may negatively impact websites. “Hummingbird” is the name of the new search platform Google used in September 2013. This name is intended to focus on the meaning of the word “accurate and fast”, for your knowledge, Hummingbird is the AI for Google Search Engine to decide who appear in 1st Page in Google search result.

Who Should Attend this SEO Training Course Workshop?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization”. This aims to optimize your site to be higher in Google and other search engine results such as Yahoo and Bing. SEO focuses on the ranking of free search results (without compensation). Not paid marketing tool among other marketing platform.

There are several types of businesses that can enjoy the advantages of search engine optimization. In fact, companies that do not use SEO as part of a larger brand strategy can be swallowed up by competition in the coming years. In some cases, SEO is easy.

SEO Training Course Workshop

SEO Training Course Content Introduction

Search engine optimization is as easy as getting traffic from a search engine to all digital assets you own. The most common thing is that access is your site, but we will discuss several other digital assets that you can also target traffic for your website. Document relevance: All operations performed on the page increase the relevance between the user and the search engine. Increase permissions: All actions we take outside the page are to inform search engine users that they are trustworthy. Links, offers, sales, things you like, and more. I will discuss these in more detail. They depend on the statute. Optimization of technology: everything related to the field of engineering provided by SEO professionals makes it easier for search engines to find websites.

SEO Training Course Basic Content

  • Basic understanding of the Internet and the World Wide Web
  • If necessary, visit your Google Account to set up a free Google Analytics or Search Console account
  • Simply understand how to send content and basic SEO concepts to the web

SEO Basic Course Content

Organic SEO and Local SEO
pension Plan
Monthly Search Volume
DoFollow and NoFollow
META tags and attributes
URL Slug
Link juice
SEO spam
Brand mention
Google’s automatic suggestions
Google SEO algorithms
Google search engine optimization punishment
keyword type
Google search parameters
SEO tools
SEO tool indicator
Long tail keywords
URL parameter
UX (user experience) user interface (user interface)
Click interest rate (clickthrough rate)
Mobile index
Page Speed
Responsive web design
Server Response Code
Technical SEO
Web search engine optimization scraping
Website reptiles and spiders
content Rotation
login Page
Page Quality
PPC (pay per click) and CPC (cost-per-click)
Website SEO Sitemap
Robots.txt File
.htaccess file
Schedule Markup and Rich Snippets
PBN (Private Blog Network)
Expired domain name and auction domain name
EMD (Exact Match Domain) and PMD (Partial Match Domain)
Content Management System (CMS)
VA (Virtual Assistant)
Virtual Private Server VPS
Layered link building
Web spam tool
Blackhat vs. Whitehat

SEO Training Course Intermediate Content

  • Learn SEO photos, blogs, websites, videos, articles, page optimization, backlinks, keyword research – all!
  • Build strong links in forum and listing background
  • Program to find new and more powerful background links
  • The type of link you can create
  • Improve local search engine rankings in local cities to get very difficult keywords
  • Create more links from this session

Intermediate SEO Course Content

Highest ranking – overview
The highest ranked factor introduction
Ranking factor overview – OnSite, offsite, user click
Ranking brain
Click rate (CTR)
Keyword Research – Part 1
Mobile first index
Social signal
Backlink middle
Panda algorithm
Penguin algorithm
Manual operation and algorithm penalty
Duplicate marketing content
Short story about SEO
SEO assistant tool
SEO Tools – Overview
Keyword research tool
Social media marketing tools
Data Inspection Tool – API
SEO tools on the page
Content and extraction tools
Does not match
SEO and IM forums and markets

SEO Training Course Advanced Content

  • The type of link you can build
  • Search using LongTail Pro
  • Screaming Frog SEO Guide
  • Google Map
  • AI for Image & Video search engine optimization
  • How to optimize articles to Google page 1st
  • Website Optimization Guide
  • Advanced Data Structure
  • Data Data Structure
  • AMP Mobile Data Structure

Advanced SEO Course Content

A sure way to create backlinks
Backlinks – Overview
Analyze your competitors’ backlinks
Get backlinks
Return link type
Context link
Backlink in stock
Backlink Anchoring Ratios and Natural Construction Backlinks
Ankarrapport – Overview
Interpretation of the appeal report
Penguin captures link spam
Of course, you are looking for an appeal report
Natural link type and location
Other backlink profile factors
Link the creation process
Link building process and process interpretation
Overview of Page and Page Factors
Outside – Overview
On the SEO page – deep diving
Google is watching you
Ranking factor per page
SEO Quality Score
Other audit indicators
Internal link
SSL certificates
Quality of living content
Create a list of contents
Title and Tags META – Optimization
Image and video (rich media)
The number of words in the content
Rich Media Integration
Internal links and internal links
Duplicate and spam
Freshness of the content
Visibility of the content on the page
Outbound Link (OBL)
Layout of content
How does Google evaluate the new page?
Ergonomics and structural problems
What keyword is the ranking on the site?
Page speed … quickly load the site!
Optimize and rank local search engines in Google Maps and WAZE

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