Facebook Social Media Marketing Training Course

Facebook Social Media Marketing Training Course

Facebook Ad & Social Media Marketing Training Course

facebook social media marketing training course

3 Days Master from Basic to Advanced Facebook Ad & Social Media Marketing Training Course

In the fast growing technological world where almost 170 million people use social media on daily basis, it has expected that each of working professional must be familiar with at least the basic creeds of digital marketing. If we take a lookat benefits, which digital marketing is offering and the current analytics, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that soon the traditional marketing platforms would be replaced by the digital marketing. Well now, if we talk about the platforms where one can successfully launch his/her digital marketing campaigns, the first name that comes in almost every mind is not other than Facebook.

Why mark Facebook as your marketing platform?

Being as the largest social network in the world with more 2 billion active users, it is surely the best decision to choose Facebook as your marketing platform to reach out your max possible targeted audience within the least possible time frame. Moreover, Facebook allows you to zero in and help you to specify type audience you want to reach, also there is a variety of tools like pages, groups, and ads, which when used in a combination, can allow you for better reach.

Now the question is “how you can get benefitted from Facebook in order to successfully execute your marketing plan and how to target all those users?”, well in this era it is not a mystery anymore just because of the availability of Facebook Marketing Training Courses. No matter whether you belong to internet marketing world or an entrepreneur or if you are planning this type of marketing method for the first time, those courses are designed to targeted every single person who has decided to use Facebook as a marketing platform.

Who Should Attend this Facebook Social Media Marketing Training Course Workshop?

Well, it is clear that when you turn to Facebook for marketing purposes and for your targeted audience interaction, at first you are not familiar with the right ways to bloom your business online because you are used to with the available opportunities and their potential regarding the success of your marketing plan. Now here is the point where Facebook Marketing Training Courses play its role.  Those training courses give the better picture of things like,

  • How to engage and target the right audience
  • How you can brilliantly manage your business profiles
  • How you can create the relevant content that is perfect to sharewith the social world
  • How you can boost the unique selling scheme of your brand
  • How you can direct your website traffic to your Facebook profile to increase conversions
  • How you can decide the applicable social and digital stratagem in order to achieve your long-term goals
Facebook Ad & Social Media Marketing Training Course

Facebook Ad & Social Media Marketing Training Course Content Introduction

By learning those basic principals in Facebook marketing training course, you would be able to provide your brand a power to influence across social channels. Moreover, being enrolled in those courses will give the ideas to prove that you offer the product/service, which is their need. Last but not the least being as the powerful marketing platform Facebook is flexible as well for any kind of businesses and it offers more than enough options to tailor your marketing campaign to fit your businesses, your time restraints and most importantly your budget. Therefore, if Facebook is still not a part of your marketing plan, it ought to be. In addition, to enjoy the bounties of Facebook marketing, one must be having the right knowledge of how to use it and that is only possible by being a part of Facebook Marketing Training Course.


Facebook Social Media Marketing Training Course Basic Content

  • Understand how a personal Facebook profile works
  • Feel all the messages of a Facebook account
  • Create a strong impact on your network in Facebook

Facebook Marketing Training Course Basic Course Content

Set up your Facebook account
How to sign up for a Facebook account – Create a new Facebook account
Your new Facebook account
Here’s how to configure Facebook’s personal settings
Here’s how to edit your Facebook profile and fill in the details
How to change your Facebook profile picture
How to change the cover image on Facebook
Size on Facebook cover
Facebook’s new features, updated in 2018
Facebook account exchange
Browse your Facebook feed using the grid view
Add colorful status messages to Facebook
Answer questions about yourself to build your profile
Post to Facebook
How does this show Facebook status?
How to post a comment on Facebook
Here’s how to create an album on Facebook and upload photos to Facebook
How to download videos on Facebook
Here’s how to share links and add links to other sites on Facebook
How to add a life event showing personal achievements on Facebook
Interact on Facebook
How to add friends to Facebook and find friends on Facebook
How to chat on Facebook and use Facebook messages
How to follow the page on Facebook and follow celebrity and brand updates
Everything about Facebook news
How do you hide posts and subscribe to Facebook on Facebook?
How to stop someone on Facebook

Facebook Social Media Marketing Training Course Intermediate Content

  • Change Facebook username, Facebook vanity URL
  • Send Facebook to Twitter and Twitter to Facebook
  • Add a Facebook button, Facebook button, etc. to your website
  • Protect buddy list
  • Embed a Facebook post on your website
  • Name a friend or page in a Facebook update
  • Forward Facebook posts

Intermediate Facebook Social Media Marketing Course Content

Facebook group
Differences between Facebook pages and groups
How to join a Facebook group
Create a Facebook group
Add a group cover photo
Disable comments on group posts
Mute members when posting or commenting on a group
Archive this group
Facebook page
Create a Facebook page
Let people like your page
Slides of the coverage area of ​​the Facebook page
Add a call-to-action button in the FB page
Facebook Pixel
Personalized audience of the site
Personalized audience of the mailing list
Custom audience of page subscription
Personalized audience of the video
Similar audience
Pages like custom audiences
Video ad
Main Announcement
Instagram Classifieds
Application Installation and Engagement Announcements
Dynamic advertising for e-commerce
E-commerce collection advertising
Advertising on canvas
Provide a claim advertisement
Local awareness advertising
Activity Response Announcement

Facebook Social Media Marketing Training Course Advanced Content

  • Power editor
  • Simple split test using Power Editor
  • Batch management with Power Editor
  • Business Manager – Roles and Certificates
  • Custom conversions and default activity
  • Facebook Marketing Partner (FMP)
  • How to start an advertising company on Facebook

Advanced Facebook Social Media Marketing Course Content

Advertising tools and techniques on Facebook
Type of audience targeting
Audience overview
Advanced to the customized audience
Custom Audiences in the list
Personalized visitors audience
See custom audience targeting
Similar audiences
Use a personalized audience when your ads run.
Download: Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome Extension
Power Editor – Quick view
Pixel conversion
Other options for pixel conversion
Advanced redirection recipe
Use Facebook’s ad reports to refine your targeting.
Facebook Advertising Case Study
Introduction to case studies
Example of Ecommerce Execution Tracking
Post ads on Facebook from Facebook

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