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Digital Marketing Training Course

Complete Digital Marketing Training Course Workshop

Digital Marketing Training Course Workshop

3 Days Master from Basic to Advanced Complete Digital Marketing Training Course Workshop

Growth Complete Digital Marketing 2018 / 2019

Digital marketing is no longer a beginner in marketing. Almost all companies use online resources in their marketing efforts. This opens the door to a new world of marketing tactics, ideas and strategies. Integrate data-driven adaptive culture and growth to improve digital market performance. With the power of hacker growth, you can grow your digital market performance quickly! In this course you will discover the extraordinary benefits of digital metrics, including skinny analysis, network traffic, digital trains and LTV and CAC calculations. You can also access the latest information on incoming marketing, email marketing, SEO, paid purchases, PR, viral marketing and more!

Customer satisfaction remains one of the company’s top priorities and creates engaging content that drives the customer experience. According to the report, the company doubles the “customer-centric approach to the cross-team approach” and may exceed its target by 2018. Furthermore, 50% of the company’s customer experience and content management are their choice. Priority is given to 35% of people saying this is their main focus. So, in 2018, it’s clear that in order to improve the customer experience, you should plan on your strategy for stellar content. 80% of companies focus on brand design. Describe your own “design drive” as a company that is 80% more likely to exceed its 2018 business goals, while value-innovated companies are 64% more likely to exceed their goals. But creativity doesn’t want companies to be brave to innovate: our goal is to create well-equipped users for easy and clear communication and smooth transactions. Companies that manage to do this are 67% more likely to outperform the 2019 target.

More capital inflows into technology and integration platforms

In the past, artificial intelligence was only in science fiction movies. No longer: the age of AI is official here.

Siri and Alexa have become well-known names.

Artificial intelligence has opened up new areas of marketing. Companies that have already existed are optimizing AI’s ability to offer a true personal experience. ” The best companies use AI twice more often than other companies. According to reports, the company expects artificial intelligence to play an increasingly important role in its marketing efforts, with 31% planning to implement artificial intelligence in its marketing efforts next year.

Who Should Attend this Digital Marketing Training Course Workshop?

Digital marketing 2018/2019 was held in the corner of creativity and technology.
According to the results of the report, the future of digital marketing seems to be refreshing, innovative and full of potential. Today, we can use art and technology more creatively as a way to attract customers, rather than using old-fashioned commercials. I hope this article will help you to clearly understand the direction of digital marketing in 2018. If you want to know more, be sure to check out my other articles here.

Do you want to succeed in modern digital marketing? With this great course at your fingertips, you can customize the skills you need to attract and retain customers through any online channel. By taking advantage of the benefits of growth incubation, you can:

  • Direct competition with the largest companies in Whole Asia
  • Build your business with secrets that most entrepreneurs do not know
  • Eligible for more prestigious and profitable digital marketing efforts
  • Improve your performance with content marketing, social media and SEO
  • Discover the true potential of email marketing, viral marketing and public relations
  • Lead the digital marketing team to dramatically increase conversion rates
  • Multiply your growth results by multiple channels
Digital Marketing Training Course Workshop

Digital Marketing Training Course Content Introduction

Adopt Big Data in Digital Marketing

The most important trend in marketing in 2018 is Big Data. Social networks, sensor data, public networks, business applications, media, etc. may come from various reasons such as SEO ranking. Main manufacturers are concentrating on the project. By 2020, the big data market is projected to reach $ 9.4 billion from $ 1.7 billion in 2016. All of these realistic forecasts indicate opportunities that were not offered strategically when using data. Artificial intelligence plays an important role in the current marketing process. AI analyzes consumer behavior and search patterns and uses data from social media platforms and blogs to help businesses understand how users find products and services.

Personalization is very important for the development of your digital marketing strategy. The combination of segmentation and personalization makes current and potential customers feel valued, and their behavior provides important information for marketing professionals.

All modern marketing platforms and social media targeting tools are available. For example, Facebook offers the opportunity to address similar audiences by adding an existing list of retargeting people. This is a good example of how to realign existing data to convert known leads or find new leads.

complete digital marketing Training Course Workshop basic
Complete digital marketing intermediate workshop

Digital Marketing Training Course Basic Content

  • Successful content writers must master different writing styles.

Digital Marketing Training Course  Basic Course Content

Basic principles of content writing and writing
Quick reminder and ask
Basic principles of content writing and writing
An important reminder before writing content
Find your hungry audience
Keyword search, grammar and punctuation
a useful writing tool
Basic principles of content and writing
Website content
Create title
Create subtitles
Create a primary ACT
Including images
Lead magnet
Write down the benefits
Including social proof
Including auxiliary ACT
Includes blog pages and optimizes for SEO

Digital Marketing Training Course Intermediate Content

  • Successful content authors do not choose random topics

Intermediate Digital Marketing Course Content

Blog posts – Content writing
Write a blog post – Introduction
content Schedule
Write a blog post, step by step
Best practices when writing blog posts
Create Buyer
Page content for companies and e-commerce
Writing of product page content
Category page content writing
Why unique product page replication is important and best practice
Examples of categories and product content.
Blog and sales page content
The type of offer you can use to increase sales / conversion
Provide suggestions to improve the response and reduce the risk
Offer offers that significantly reduce the risk
Offer discounted rates
Offer suggestions to increase urgency
Providing services

Digital Marketing Training Course Advanced Content

  • Successful content authors are original writing

Advanced Digital Marketing Course Content

Bonus section – keyword research
Keywords and SEO
Basic search keyword -1
The structure of the site and the orientation of keywords
Search by keyword, step by step
Relevance of the keyword
How to find the difficulty of your keywords.
Keywords LSI
Content creativity
Create valuable, powerful content and a smooth sound.
Think many writing topics quickly and easily
Create valuable content
Voice and tone improve your content.
How to use sound in writing.
How to use tone in writing
7 Common Flow problems and how to solve them.
Execution of absurd phrases with broken and clear writing.
Example of improvement of content mobility.

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